March Monthly Newsletter

March 10, 2014 in Newsletter, Uncategorized

Main Paragraph:

As the primary season comes to a close, The McHenry County Young Republicans have been working closely with different candidates around the county. Our organization encourages our members to volunteer for Republican candidates. We want to wish all Republicans in McHenry County good luck in the primary! We also want to remind everyone the importance of unity during this primary election season. The Young Republicans feel it is important to work together as a team, no matter our differences in opinion or personality. Every Republican should remember the importance of this, to be able to take on the democratic machine in our state. If our foundation is not strong, there is no way we will be able to move forward. The McHenry County Young Republicans want to be that foundation for the GOP in this state! We are the future and we intend on making an impact in our communities!

Chairwoman’s brief:
I’m really excited to release our 2014 plan to the public! Our organization has grown exponentially this ¬†year and we continue to grow each month! We have a lot in store for this year with different social events, membership drives and education events.
I want to ask all of you to please look over our 2014 plan. If you know anyone who would love to help build our organization with us, please get them in contact with us! I’ve had a lot of people ask how they can help our organization out. After looking at our goals and plans for the year, I would like to ask you to support our group however you can. Whether that’s donating money, your time, coming to our meetings or events and even following us on Social media. I know our organization is extremely appreciative with whatever way you choose to support our group! I would like to personally thank all of you who have already been supporting our organization and watching its success! I’m extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming year and what MCYR will accomplish.

Member Spotlight:
We love being able to showcase our members in our group! We all feel like a close knit family and love having it expand with new members every month! This month we are show casing, Ethan Stephens. Ethan is our chairman for the Fundraising Committee! He has one of the toughest jobs in our organization! Check out more about Ethan here.


March Business meeting: March 15th 7pm Colonial restaurant
Primary Victory Party: March 18th 8pm Fire Bar restaurant
MCYR March election Conference call: March 24th 7pm
Central Committee Meeting: TBD after Primary
April Pub Crawl: April 12th