We need your help this 4th of July!

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Hello Everyone!
We will be needing Parade walkers for the Independence Day Parades!
Please show us your support and come walk with us! Whether in one parade or all of them, it is much appreciated! Elected Officials and non primary candidates are welcome to join us.
We also will be participating in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade on Sunday July 7th.
If you have any questions please contact Melissa Denker: melissa.denker92@gmail.com or 847-533-1390.
The McHenry County Young Republicans hope you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July with your family and friends!

May Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2013 in Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2013

9:00 PM

May Conference Call Meeting

Attending:  Erik Sivertsen, Melissa Denker, Michael Smyk, Bryan Javor, Ryan Provenzano, Jake Justen

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by Melissa
  • Pledge of Allegiance was not recited
  • Meeting minutes were reserved from prior meeting
  • Chairman’s brief – Erik
    • Erik was not on call yet, so no brief given
    • Vice Chairman’s brief – Melissa
      • Parade float main structure built by Chip Borman, Bryan Javor, Michael Smyk, and Ryan Provenzano.  Primer is now on and this weekend will add paint and decorations
      • Secretary brief – Michael
        • Have been working on Tshirt quotes.  Can order two dozen shirts from a local silk screener at an average of $13/shirt.  We can decide on buying them for this and future parades.  Any extras can be sold for a $20 donation to join the YRs.
        • Treasurer Update – Melissa for Andrew
          • Online banking is not working
          • Balance was around $800
            • $200 due to Melissa for Parade float items
            • Balance will be around $600
  • Jake advised that he can check balance for us in future if website not working, if given notice
  • Agenda
    • Upcoming Events
      • Parades
        • Memorial Day – Crystal Lake
          • Monday staging at 10 AM at Central HS
          • Parade starts at 11 AM
          • Will end at Union Cemetery with memorial service
          • July 4th
            • Spring Grove / Wonder Lake – July 4
            • Crystal Lake – July 7
            • Ran down other parades (Sof en Speil, Fiesta Days, Settlers Days, Founders Days, Merry Cary, etc)
            • Bryan felt tough to get more than 3 parades per volunteer.  It was explained that with the variety of dates and locations, people will do multiple, but others will be able to pop in and out for coverage as well.
          • Father’s Day
            • On Target
              • Saturday before Father’s Day – June 15
                • Tentatively morning event
                  • $36/person
                  • Cookout unclear, waiting to hear from On Target
          • Pamphlet
            • It was felt by Ryan that we need a graphic designer.
              • Problem with costs discussed for that route
              • Design more a hand card (front/back)
              • Compromise from initial designs
                • Start with bullet points
                • Summation paragraph after with more content
                  • Erik will create Google Doc to collaborate and edit by members
                  • Social Media on back
  • New Business
    • McHenry County Fair
      • We will man GOP booth
        • Told to check out Walworth County Republican booth for ideas
        • Melissa will be out of town, but will schedule shifts before hand
        • Ideas for booth
          • Everyone to brainstorm by July meeting on what “hook” to use to drive traffic to booth
          • In Kind Donation
            • Liberty Self Storage donating parade banner
              • Erik made motion for vote for acceptance
              • Michael Seconded
              • Unanimous acceptance
          • Tshirts
            • Discussed in Secretary Brief
            • Timing may not allow for this weeks parade, can work on for future
          • Insurance
            • Bill Lefew will contact us with details
              • General Liability for parades
              • Bill’s contact details were given
          • YR Elections in June
            • Bryan detailed rules of voting
              • Roberts Rules dictate (Temp Chair, vote for permanent positions, etc)
              • No need for nominating now at May meeting or ahead of time.
                • Just accept at June meeting given membership and handle at same time when nominated and voted on
          • Next meeting
            • June 22, 10 AM, McHenry county GOP HQ in Crystal Lake
            • Melissa will ask Central Committee for temp chair at that meeting
            • Motion to Adjourn at 10:40 PM by Michael Smyk, seconded by Ryan Provenzano

We need your help!

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We are starting off our summer events with building our parade float for the year! Our organization has decided on creating an Armored personnel carrier!

We will be combining our May Business meeting with this project. Come join in on the fun and bring your Friends, Family and a tool box! We’ll provide the pizza and drinks!

We hope to see you there!


January Proposal Meeting Minutes!

February 1, 2013 in Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2013

7:30 PM

McHenry County Republican Headquarters – January Proposal Meeting

Present:  Erik Sivertsen, Melissa Denker, Andrew Bryan, Michael Smyk, Bryan Javor, Tom Wilbeck, Cal Skinner, Ben Hancock, Marty Waitzman, Benton Lesperance, Hans Eidok, Larry Emery, Mark Daniels, Rob Parrish, Tom Poznanski, Chris Yager

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Melissa
  • Pledge of Allegiance was led by Melissa
  • Meeting minutes from the December 8, 2012 were read by Michael Smyk.
    •  Melissa Denker voted to approve them, and Andrew Bryan seconded the motion.
    • Chairman’s brief
      • Discussed Membership Requirements – no changes noted
      • Upcoming Parades
        • Memorial Day all the way through Merry Cary in December
          • Actively seeking and will be comprising float
          • Vice Chairman’s brief
            • Valentine’s Day Fundraiser coming up, will cover shortly
            • Billboard update
            • Secretary brief
              • No current brief beyond past meeting minutes
              • Treasurer Update
                • Balance read
                • No transactions other than interest earned and supplies for Melissa for office paid out
                • Agenda
                  • Plans by Erik Sivertsen
                    • Membership goals
                      • Define benefits
                      • Grow Consistent Members
      • Education
        • Workshop on running for local office
        • Billboard
        • Drive traffic to website
      • Technology
        • New Content on Website
        • Value Gained for Membership
        • Social Media Tie Ins
      • Involving the Young Generation in Government
        • Volunteers for Office
        • Work with Candidates
        • All Executive Board are Precinct Committeeman
        • Erik is running for School Board and Trustee
      • Next meeting will be February 9, 2013 at 7 PM
        • Location likely to be Office again
  • Plans by Melissa Denker
    • Fundraising
      • Social Appeal
      • Sponsorship Levels with the help of Becky Kress
      • Relationships
        • Republican Party
          • Unite various groups
        • Projects
          • Adopt a Highway
          • Clean a park
        • State Yr’s
          • Foster relationships with neighboring groups
        • Government Branches
          • County Board, Sheriff’s Office
        • Local Business
          • Door to Door
          • Sponsorships
          • Internships
      • Advertisement
        • Billboard
          • Bryan Javor helping in development and placement
        • Pamphlets
          • Brochure – Tri Fold idea
        • Flyers
        • Signs
        • T Shirts
          • Sponsorships
          • Use for members and/or volunteers for parades
      • Volunteers
        • Staffing GOP Office
        • Parades
          • Walking
        • Campaigns
          • Help Local Officials
        • Internships
          • Randy Hultgren is actively seeking help
      • Upcoming Year Events
        • Valentine’s Day Extravaganza
          • $15/per person
          • Speed Dating
          • Couples and Singles Mixer
          • Sideouts in Island Lake
            • Coordinate with Lake County YR’s
        • Voter Registration Drive at MCC
          • Feb 29, last day of registration for early voting
        • Mother’s Day Tea Party
        • Memorial Day Parade
          • Freedom Riders/Wounded Warriors
          • Likely in Woodstock, but none listed yet
        • Father’s Day
          • On Target Gun Range in Crystal Lake
          • BBQ Outside
        • Camping Trip
        • Luau  party/fundraiser in the spring
        • Open Business
          • Parades
            • 10 Parades throughout year
              • Memorial Day
              • Milk Days
              • July 4 – Spring Grove/Wonder Lake
              • Fiesta Days
              • Settlers Days
              • Founders Days
              • Soft und Spiel
              • Merry Cary Days
      • Items beyond Candy
      • Fans with logos and info
  • Singles Mixer
    • Will be held of Valentine’s Day
    • Please help advertise and spread the word
      • Listed on Facebook
      • New Business
        • Liability Insurance
          • Parades and other events
            • Check with Michael Tryon for local Insurance agencies with GOP ties
            • Chuck Yager offered to write insurance and donate commission
  • Pamphlets
    • Will be working on designs
    • Getting quotes for printing
  • Anti Gun Ban Letter
    • Send letter to local legislators
    • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Questions/Comments/Concerns
    • Candidate Introductions – 5 minute speeches given to give background and info
      • Larry Emery – Algonquin Township Trustee
      • Tom Poznanski – Grafton Township Highway Commissioner
      • Marty Waitzman – Grafton Township Supervisor
      • Rob Parrish – Nunda Road Commissioner
      • Erik Sivertsen – MCC Trustee
      • Tom Wilbeck – MCC Trustee
      • Motion to Adjourn at 8:40 PM by Michael Smyk, seconded by Erik Sivertsen

Valentines Day

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Click Here To Register!

Meeting Tonight!

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This month for our January Business Meeting, we are creating a presentation about the plans & goals of the McHenry County Young Republicans for the year of 2013. It is an excellent way to kick off the year and crucial in keeping everyone up to date on how our organization is doing! I can personally say we have a lot in store this year and we are ready to take on the elections coming up.The meeting will be held at the Republican Headquarters at 7pm on the 18th of January.Don’t hesitate to contact us at 847-533-1390 for more information! We hope to see you there!


Melissa Denker

December Meeting Minutes!

December 20, 2012 in Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2012

7:30 PM

McHenry County Republican Headquarters

Present:  Erik, Melissa, Andrew, Michael, Becky

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:38 PM by Erik.
  • Meeting minutes from the November 10, 2012 were read by Michael Smyk, Andrew voted to approve them, and Melissa seconded the motion.
  • Chairman’s brief
    • Discussed Membership Requirements – no changes noted
    • Website
      • Access for multiple users
      • More content – discussions of items to post upcoming election cycle
  • Literature
    • Brochure
      • Mission Statement
      • Requirements
      • Links to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Website)
      • Trifold – 3rd part tear off to send in
      • Vice Chairman’s brief
        • Will be out of country from December 23 until mid January
        • Billboard
          • Design – A few designs were discussed
          • Placement – Location needed.  Bryan Javor will be contacted
          • Secretary brief
            • Received binder for minutes, contracts, member info, Data Center info, Thank You cards, etc.
            • Treasurer Update
              • Balance – $574.86, no transactions other than interest earned
              • Report due for 4Q next month
              • Open Business
                • Workshop
                  • What can be done to approve attendance – better advertisement
  • Calendar
    • Singles Mixer
      • February 14
        • Sideouts – Possible location
          • Book room for “speed dating”
          • Mixer after
          • $5 -$10 entry fee proposed
    • Parades
      • Float
        • Secure trailer
          • Erik will attempt to secure by January
          • Design
          • Storage
            • Due by March
        • Participating Dates/Events
          • Memorial Day
            • Wounded Warriors in parade
            • July 4 – Spring Grove/Wonder Lake
            • July 7 – Crystal Lake
            • Aug – Founders Days Algonquin
            • Sept – Saufen und Spiel Johnsburg
            • Oct – Settlers Days Marengo
            • Dec – Merry Cary Days
    • Candidate Meet & Greets
      • January 26 – Townships – 6:30 PM
        • Rt 120 Dogs & More, Nick’s Pizza, Lou Malnati’s
        • By Jan 11
          • Contact local press for ads
          • Contact candidates for funds for food
    • Precinct Walks
      • January 20 – Contact Precinct Committeemen by this date
      • January 30 – Have literature from candidates for distribution
      • February 3 – 9 – Walk Precincts
    • Primary Info
      • February 11
        • Early Voting
    • General Election Info
      • March 1-2
        • Candidate Videos
        • March 25
          • Early Voting
        • April 9
          • Victory Party
    • County Fair
      • Discuss by June Meeting
  • Promotional Items
    • T-shirts for members with business sponsors on back
    • Fans
      • Seek quotes and designs by February 18
  • Fundraising
    • Associate Member Beck Kress discussed ideas and approaches
    • New Business
      • Bank
        • Add Melissa and Michael to account
          • Meet Dec 11 at noon
  • PO Box
    • Get two more keys
  • Executive Board Meeting
    • January 4 – 5:00 PM (Midnight in Serbia for Melissa)
  • Open Fax
    • Decided to keep
  • Meeting/Event notices
    • Facebook -Two weeks prior for an Event Page
    • Patch.com – Week of
    • Meeting adjourned at 10:17 PM by Andrew, seconded by Melissa

Meeting Tonight

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7pm at the GOP Office in Crystal Lake

We will be talking about some of the crazy things that the Republican leadership has done at the state and federal levels in the past couple of weeks.

We will be working on plans for next year. We will be planning a St Patrick’s Day Corned Beef and Cabbage fundraiser, parades, candidate meet and greets, and a whole lot more.

Meeting Minutes November 10, 2012

November 13, 2012 in Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2012

7:30 PM

McHenry County Republican Headquarters

Present:  Erik, Melissa, James, Andrew, Michael, Erin

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Erik.
  • Chairman’s brief – Nothing of note
  • Vice Chairman’s brief – Nothing of note
  • Old Business
    • Motion to appoint temporary Secretary – Michael Smyk
    • Finance report – $880.60 balance before buying Hard Drive and Microphone
    • Billboard options
      • $195 to run through election, now likely $300 per month
      • Discussed options to put on billboard
        • Upset with Obama?  Get involved with MCYR, etc.
  • Michael nominated Melissa Denker for Vice Chairman
    • Elected unanimously
  • Andrew nominated Michael for Secretary
    • Elected unanimously
    • Current Business
      • Discussed Attending Multi-County Convention for State at year end 2013
      • Discussed vying for National Convention in 2015
      • Possible Promo items such as shirts or jackets
        • Shirts can be produced by a local vendor for $5-$8 per, other options will be explored
  • Videos on Website
    • Issues with sound, so only District 4 were posted
    • Made adjustments by purchasing microphone for future items
  • Plan to have a workshop on December 1, 2012 @ MCC with the Political Theory & Debate Group
  • New Business
    • Calendar of events for 2013 including key county and filing dates, etc.
    • 2013 Social Events and Fundraising Ides
      • November 19, 2012 – Social event at Regal Crystal Lake to view “Lincoln”
      • Spring Fundraiser at HillBunker Farms
        • Get details on food and liquor licenses
        • Sponsorships from local businesses – ie. Plum Garden
  • Next meeting on December 8, 2012 – 7 PM at the “New/Old” Office
  • No Motions on the floor
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM by Andrew, seconded by Melissa

Meeting Minutes October 13,2012

November 13, 2012 in Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2012

7:00 PM

McHenry County Republican Headquarters

Present:  Erik, Melissa, Kyle, Michael, Andrew

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by Erik.
  • New Business
    • Letters to the Editor Campaign
    • Sample Ballots – Educate Voters
    • Michael was nominated for Secretary
      • Per by laws will be official at next meeting
  • Billboard options
    • $195 to run through election
  • Website
    • Update with Videos of Board Candidates
      • Split according to districts and issues
  • Victory Party to benefit Young Republicans?
    • November 6that the HQ Office in Crystal Lake
      • Will follow up with Geri Davis and Mark Daniels
  • Next meeting will be on November 10, with the 17thas a backup
    • Possible class by Chris Jenner on running for local government positions
    • Old Business
      • PO Box will be renewed for $58 in McHenry.  Box 1812
        • Will update the key list
  • Balance in checking account of $880.60
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM by Michael